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carolina. >> and we have live team coverage tonight. scott broom is in ocean city maryland. >> still a very dangerous storm, it's no longer a category 4. this is nothing to sneeze about. let's show you the satellite picture, you can see the eyes forming begin. winds are down to 1:15. down from the 2:00 advisory, in from the 11:00 a.m. advisory as well. we have hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings in effect, even for our coast which is sort of unusual. the way this year is shaping up, reminds me a lot of 2003, when we had just about everything. let's talk about earl. here we go. 5:00 p.m. advisory, category three. by about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, notice a little further offshore. we were talking about this
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earlier. inching further eastward. by 2:00 friday, it's past parallel, ocean city. the beaches will be improving weather-wise. the surf may still be rough through saturday. 2:00 on saturday, this thing is hauling. winds are down to 60 miles per hour. eventually up into the north atlantic. hurricane warning in effect for much of the coast and carolina. tropical storm warning for us, but also that is also a hurricane watch as well from rehoboth beach down, essentially uh, to the virginia, north carolina border. that's a hurricane watch and also a tropical storm uh, warning. so, a no mandatory evacuations in virginia beach just yet, but plenty of people are clearing out of the way. bruce leshan is live down in ocean front, bruce?
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>> reporter: hey, topper, this family is among those who are not clearing out. check it out. they're about to get married right down here on the beach. they say you're lucky your major is lucky if you get married when it rains and they said they must have hit the lottery. >> like shakespeare, captain mark hodges figures discretion is part of valor. he's planning to ride out earl on dry land. >> 60 miles, you know, would be very risky if you break down, nobody's going to want to come get you and you're stuck out there in the middle of a hurricane. i'd be sunk by midnight, probably. >> thousands of tourists are packing up the kids and boogie boards and leaving the ocean front early. >> we're heading back to indiana
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one day early. we're going to skip out one day. >> do you guys want the vacation to end early? >> mm-mmm. >> we can deal with a tornado, but not necessarily a hurricane. >> reporter: surfers had to slap chest high waves to ride. a lot are hoping for something bigger. >> when it comes on shore, obviously there's concerns, just beach erosion and just booms, we don't want anybody leaving the area that comes home to an empty place or foundation. >> it's the ladies that give you the bigger weather. >> reporter: at the marina inland, the u.s. geological survey is tracking storm surge. the data should help them better predict the next storm. >> as water comes in and floods this area, you're going to know exactly when that occurred and exactly how high that got within
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a hundredth or 200s of a foot. >> reporter: the wind is speeding up. it's really starting to spin in here and this is out on the beach. if you come a little bit farther over this way in towards the wind tunnel, between the two hotels, let me tell you, the wind is moving, this is the kind of danger that folks around here uh, face when you get serious wind in virginia beach. that's why they're tying everything down and trying to secure things down. >> let me go to live doppler 9,000, this is the deal, we have the swell from the uh, the coastline.
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so big swells are just about to affect the delmarva and that will increase as we go through the night. and for more on how ocean city is preparing we go live to scoot broom. scott, what do the town officials say. >> well you're just reporting on the waves and that's its news this afternoon. the beach patrol concerned about increasing rip currents. they just brought all of the swimmers in. swimming is now completely restricted and as 5:30 the life guards come off the beach. nobody allowed in the water with the exception of surfers. preparations are under way for tropical storm conditions. they're expecting winds blowing up to 40-50 mile-per-hour
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gusts. some periods of heavy rain, some possible minor street flooding. the beach erosion you talked about and those preparations well underway. >> reporter: crews in ocean city put up fencing from burying parking lots and the boardwalk. signs and sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. meanwhile at marina some boat owners are playing it better safe than sorry. >> we have a smaller boat, so we have to get out before this storm comes. >> reporter: it all adds up to precautions and not panic in ocean city as leaders take their queues from the mayor and town manager. >> you'll see flooding downtown in the low-lying areas where we typically get flooding during any time of rain event. we'll see items blowing around, things that don't get secured and results of the typical 40- 50 mile-per-hour winds but we
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don't think we'll see anything dramatic. >> reporter: evacuations are not a consideration unless the forecast falls apart. >> it will be coming in, in the early morning hours, and by the afternoon it will give us an opportunity to clean up and get ready for the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: out in the water, the surfers are enjoying the swells but on the beach life guards have been ordered to keep swimmers out of the water. >> we were seeing the rip currents intensify yesterday. >> the beach will be closed. there are restrictions for enter into the water. and we'll review that tomorrow depending on how the storm is impacting us. >> reporter: a lot of anxiety about that because there was a death yesterday. somebody goes into the water as hurricane danielle was off shore and that person was lost and his body still hasn't been found. there have been a number of serious injuries during that period as well. people getting slammed in and
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having serious spinal injuries. so that's what they're wored about -- worried about most. and the mayor is not expecting anything dramatic and they are expecting business as usual friday noon and into saturday and they do not want this storm to spoil the last big holiday weekend of the summer and they are not planning on it. reporting from ocean city, scott broom, 9 news now. >> i want to echo those thoughts as well. nothing dramatic will happen along the coast, the nor'easter and the big blizzards we had did more damage to the beach because the winds were stronger for a longer duration. so again, we'll come back and break down when we think the winds will be worse on our shore and we'll talk about our weekend as well. anita, back to you. topper, earl is expected to top the outer banks sometime tonight as we've been saying. we'll have the latest on preparations there. we have a report from kill devil hills coming up on 9 news now at 5:30. workers return to the discovery channel building in silver spring today. building reopened briefly so
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employees could gather their things. just one day after a gunman held three people hostage in the lobby. and as you can imagine, there were a lot of hugs and tears when employees met this morning to celebrate the heroes who helped them all get out of the building safely. and a spokesperson said the company will seriously review security measures around the building. >> it was a scary situation. and i don't think anyone walked into the building today with the same bounce -- bounce in their step that they had previous. but we came together and there was a lot of joyfulness that ended well for all of us. >> we have team coverage on this story. lindsey mastis is in the information center with new information on the gunman. but we begin with andrea mccarran live in silver spring where first responders to yesterday's hostage situation just wrapped up a news conference and we learned a good deal of information today,
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andrea, didn't we? >> we certainly did, lesli. we do know that james jay lee entered the discovery building with two handguns, two boxes and two backpacks. we just learned that those two weapons were actually starter pistols. also today investigators searched a resident in wheaton and found more devices. let's listen to montgomery county fire chief richie bowers to hear what they found. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated remotely from the residence and from any other areas of any life-safety issues here in the county. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief tom manger also said there were indications that this suspect planned to stay a while. not only did they find the two weapons, they found two black ski masks, bullets as well as
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batteries. a very interesting foot note to this, the bomb squad and this collaborate unit of police, fire and ems had trained for an incident just like this within the last 60 days. reporting live from silver spring, andrea mccarran, 9 news now. >> andrea, thank you. james lee's body was removed this morning and police detonated four more devices at a wheaton house where the gunman apparently lived. lindsey mastis joins us live from the information center with more on this man's past criminal record. lindsey, what have you found out? >> reporter: we know lee lived in wheaton. public records show he was born in hawaii and lived in san diego. he had a criminal record here and in california. people that met lee said he made a lasting impression. some good and some bad. >> people were asking for donations. >> reporter: this man said he had a confrontation with leon a bus about a week and a half ago. >> i was giving out the image and he tore it to pieces. >> reporter: a couple of years
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ago he was seen in a positive light. some of the men who knew lee from a county-run center said he was passionate for animals. >> he had a good point. >> reporter: he was written up at length after he threw money in the air as part of a protest against discovery. this is the you tube recording. >> the guy is running around throwing the money. >> reporter: according to the gazette article, lee was arrested with $21,000 in a duffle bag. police made the arrest after a man was beat with the pipe after picking up a thousand dollars in ones. people paid people to protest with him. >> we would sign up in the morning and then we would go over and carry the picket signs. >> reporter: and he paid people to read the book my ishmael. >> if he read it and called the number in the back of the book
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it was his number. >> reporter: in his manifesto he demanded discovery focus programming on stopping the human population from growing. and yesterday the man that had that argument with lee saw him again. this time he said it was near lee's home in wheaton. >> he was coming from the gas station with the same two boxes, the same two boxes they said he had the bombs in. >> reporter: according to court documents, lee was fined $500 and spent two weeks in jail and spent time on supervised probation. he had an address at the homeless center but according to a statement from interface work he signed up for a mailbox there but didn't use it. they also say he never used any of the other services. i talked to the men outside, including a volunteer, that said lee was once homeless and did stay there a few years ago. anita. >> quite a twisted path. lindsey mastis, thank you.
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coming up at 5:30, we'll go live to the discovery channel building for more on how workers and the surrounding community are recovering from yesterday's hostage situation and the ripple effect throughout silver spring. coming up, five volunteer firefighters, including the fire chief, suddenly resign, sparking safety concerns in one northern virginia community. and another oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico forces workers to jump for safety. and this triggers panic along the gulf coast. stay with us. @owúúttxññ
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the coast guard said there is a mile long oil sheen after another explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. all 13 workers escaped today by jumping into the water.
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they were all found in survival gear called gum by suits and they were resud 100 miles off the louisiana coast. the oil rig is in shallow water and experted don't expect a repeat of the disaster from bp in april. controversy after five volunteer firefighters suddenly resigned. as surae chinn reports, the department is exambling -- scrambling to fill the spots. >> reporter: this is truly a huge shock to this fire department after five of the volunteer firefighters from company three resigned, including it's fire chief. now all of these trucks are parked here and the great concern for the future and long- term is who will be manning them? two weeks ago loudoun county fire and emergency rescue management received allegations of misconduct. what those accusations are is a mystery tonight to those not involved in the investigation, but there are certainly lots of rumors circling around.
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>> i thought, oh, my lord, of all times for something like this to happen. regardless of the reasons, the consequences are such that we were in the most vulnerable situation. >> reporter: the initial allegations put three volunteer firefighters on administrative leave. this past weekend five volunteers resigned. a department already stretched thin and now with this controversial blow, losing a third of the volunteer overnight staff has put a greater strain on answering the call. >> the main thing to know is if you dial 911 in the middleberg area somebody is coming to help you. we're coming to help you. >> how can you assure the people of middleberg if there was something illegal or unethical going on that it's being looked into. >> the people of middleberg know us and i'm quite sure they have confidence we'll get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: before the scandal they had 15 volunteer firefighters and now down to
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ten. they are taking firefighters from other stations and may have to resort to cutting services. keep in mind, it takes 18 months to hire and recruit a paid firefighter. in middleberg, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> the middleberg fire department has asked for eight paid firefighters to add to the staff. if you live in falls church, virginia, you are home to america's favorite farmer's market. they won the medium market category of the test sponsored by the american farmland and finished first among virginia markets. it is open every saturday in the parking lot of the falls church city hall. and you can find more information by checking out a few feature on our website at, just look for the blue box in the middle of the home page and then click the change button to find news in falls church and 52 other communities in our area. sky 9 was in bethesda today where a tree fell on a house. check it out. it was a close call for a woman on the second floor and she was
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nearly hit by the tree. the house at 19 mercy court. gas and pepco called to check out the damage. it's unclear what caused the tree to come down in the first place. >> that's a big one. and not really any major weather to do that. >> sometimes they just go. >> weakened maybe by earlier storms. >> and rain. we're going to talk about earl. and now there is another one behind that. that's all on our website. >> let's just start with earl. >> that's enough to bite off and chew, don't you think. we'll start with the satellite picture. want to show this again. again, the hurricanes go through cycles. and they average 10-14 day life cycles so you'll see times where you can clearly see the eye and then it weaken as the convection wraps around it but it's a very well, well- organized and big storm.
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so let's talk about the wind. and we'll put it into motion and then stop it. by midnight tomorrow we can now see tropical storm force winds which are 39 miles per hour, up to about norfolk and virginia beach. and hurricane-force winds just off hatteras. we'll put it back into motion. by 6:00 in the morning we'll see some waves -- some winds, tropical storm force, into the southern bay and across all of the delmarva. so we're going to talk about 40, maybe 45, perhaps a gust to 50-55 miles per hour on the shore. by lunchtime, the storm is beginning to accelerate and pull away from shore. that will take the winds with it. in fact, if we go through friday afternoon, by 6:00, the winds are gone from us. the storm is well to the northeast of us and beginning to accelerate off to the north and east. so here is the deal. hurricane warnings for most of north carolina and a hurricane watch for rehoboth south to the virginia border and the rest of delmarva in addition to the
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hurricane watch, a tropical storm warning. and there is a coastal advisory for the west earp part of the day and the tidal potomac. don't see a big problem. had a couple of e-mails and calls, is it going to be like isabel? no. an entirely different track. winds thursday night, waves 1-3 feet tonight. but solomon's island across the cambridge and south that will be the critical area tonight and tomorrow. in fact, by tomorrow small craft advisory continues, 1-3 feet, maybe 20-30 mile-per-hour winds. again solomon to cambridge and south. don't see a huge problem up the potomac at all. now out to the shore, 20-40 mile-per-hour winds, tropical storm warning in effect tonight. i think we'll begin to see that after midnight and it will really pick up tomorrow morning. it looks like the full force will be at about 6:00 a.m. to noon. 20-40 mile-per-hour winds. could they see gusts up to 50? they could in ocean city. not so much in rehoboth.
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it should be further north and west. so for earl, tropical storm warnings for our shore. critical time 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. coastal flood advisory for the bay. from deal island southward. not a big problem in the potomac bay or the metro area. partly sunny tomorrow. we do paint a shower here but that's with the frontal system, not with earl. 89 tomorrow. 80 on saturday. 79 on sunday. we've been telling you all week, it's going to be great no matter what earl does this weekend. we'll break down tomorrow. 75 with clouds tomorrow and then 85 by lunchtime. 89 by evening. you will need sunglasses tomorrow, not an umbrella here in metro. 94 right now, 91 in gaithersburg. for tonight, we're looking at partly cloudy skies, mild and 66-74, winds out of the southeast at about 10. tomorrow morning, increasing high clouds but still pleasant. 70s and 80s. that's not bad. winds northeast at 10. it's comfortable.
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you're walking around. and partly sunny not quite as hot tomorrow. earl finally departs the beaches high temperatures near 90. next 7 days. 89 tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle and then cooler over the weekend. 80 on saturday. 79 on sunday. warmer again on labor day. but upper 80s. you'll want to get in the pool for the last time this summer. and then temperatures back into the 90 os on tuesday and -- 90s on tuesday and wednesday. i'll come back and have the forecast for the mountains and the coast. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. ground is broken on two theaters. one getting a major face lift and the other brand new.
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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there is a new push underway to restore the howard theater. mayor fenty and council member jim graham were on hand for a ground-breaking ceremony this morning. graham has talked for more than
5:27 pm
a year to this historic theater. plans include a museum, banquet hall and improved audio and visual. the $28 million renovation is scheduled to be finish bid november of next year. plans moving ahead for the fillmore music hall on colesville road. ike leggett and others were on hand for this ground-breaking of the show place. it was inspired by the original fillmore hall in san francisco. it will seat between 500 and 2,000 people. the big tops going up for the latest cirque du soleil show and this production is being staged at national harbor. like other shows, this one features colorful theater along with the signature fetes of physical grace and athleticism. it officially opens september 9th at the national harbor. new digs for the elephants at the national zoo and we go behind the scenes for you to give you a look at the elephant
5:28 pm
trails. the first phases include innovative and expanded homes for the animals. they will have a barn, out door yards and additional space to exercise. they all need some room. >> especially when you are that big. >> the zoo wants to give these endangered animals a future. coming up new at 5:30 ... >> i'm arm mondayo trull. we spoke to discovery employees. that's coming up.
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new at 5:30, the last to leave carolina's barrier islands and now the residents that remain are boarding up homes as hurricane earl closes in on the east coast. discovery channel employees say the security guard was instrumental in making sure no employees were hurt. and finding the last-minute hotel deals, getting the best price may be as simple as asking the right questions. hurricane earl is now a category three storm but it is still packing winds well over 100 miles per hour. and the powerful storm is on
5:32 pm
track to clip north carolina's outer banks later tonight. manuel gullegos is where people are hoping get out of the way. >> reporter: hurricane earl is kicking up the surf as the powerful storm approaching north carolina. mark and flo waited until the last minute to pack up the vacation rental. >> what was the turning point for you? >> when i saw the news and they told me i had to leave. >> reporter: with the hurricane warning in effect up and down the coast, three north carolina counties issued evacuation orders for all visitors. >> we're getting out of here and glad they did it in stages so it's helping traffic get through faster. >> reporter: but plenty of residents are staying. paul as ams was painting a sign on his boarded-up shop. >> i'm not sure how it will turn out. >> reporter: even with earl miles east of here, waves will swell to 18 feet and hurricane- force winds will be strong enough to do damage.
5:33 pm
north carolina's governor said her state is ready. but coastal residents need to take precautions. >> the problem for some people isn't the immediate incident, it's the 8 or 12 hours afterwards when you are in trouble. and you can't get help. >> reporter: the powerful storm is forecast to hug the coast as it moves north. a hurricane warning is now in effect for the tip of massachusetts, including nantucket. >> we'll be inland and heading south. >> reporter: local officials want residences and visitors to prepare for the worst. this is the first time the northeast has faced a major hurricane in nearly two decades. and forecasters expect the western edge of the eye wall to churn things up. we're still expecting high surf and some beach erosion. you can see off in the distance there, at least a dozen or so residents are sticking it out. it looks like they want to see what the storm is doing so far but most everybody else is gone. >> it looks like the wind has picked up around you and the surf. what is the temperature out
5:34 pm
there right now? time to get off the beach? >> reporter: not too cold. it's just gloomy skies and it's getting windy. you can see the white caps off. i would put the temperature somewhere in the 70s. so we're comfortable but it's about to get very wet of course. >> absolutely. panuel gullegos. thanks for that report. from where hurricane earl is and how the storm could effect your labor day plans, let's go over to topper shutt who is tracking this on the weather terrace. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. we'll go to north carolina. and before i begin, see the graphics. doesn't that look like the clark grizwald car? i like that movie. let's go to hatteras. yes, there will be showers and winds, but after that quite spectacular. we'll get a cool canadian air mass in here which we haven't had for eight months.
5:35 pm
89 on friday and 89 on saturday and mid-80s on sunday and 83 on monday, labor day. morning rain 87 and you'll probably have winds up to 40 to maybe 60, maybe a gust of 65, but the storm pulls away quickly friday afternoon and you too have a great looking weekend. sunscreen and sun glasses is what you need. 83 on saturday. 80 on sunday. 83 for labor day. now for our beaches, great as well. once we get through friday morning and early friday afternoon, the storm pulls away. 83 on friday, 81 on saturday. we'll be lucky to make 80 on sunday and also on labor day. but pretty much full sunshine. now to the mountains. nice and much, much cooler. storms possible on friday at 79. we do have to put showers in there on saturday. only in the 60s. this is west of the divide, 67 on sunday and sunny and nice on labor day, temperatures notice mid-70s. so earl will not spoil the holiday weekend plans. back to you. >> thank you, topper.
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now to the latest on the standoff at the discovery building in silver spring. investigators say the gun that james lee used to keep authorities at bay was a starter pistol. in fact montgomery county police just revealed lee had two starter pistols and four explosive devices that were detonated at his residence today in wheaton. new at 5:30, armando trull joins us from the discovery building where workers were allowed to return for a short time. and i imagine that was quite a emotional return. >> absolutely, lesli. and things are very different than yesterday. traffic is flowing smoothly. nearby businesses are open. and inside of the discovery channel headquarters, however, it is still an active police investigation. and before things get back to normal it will take some work, they admit it won't get better before some time. >> there were a lot of hugs, a lot of tears. >> reporter: for nearly 1900 employees, the rush -- the
5:37 pm
return to discovery headquarters was bittersweet. >> i don't think anybody walked into the building today with the same bounce in their step they had in days previous. but we came together and there was a lot of joyfulness that ended so well. >> reporter: workers were allowed to collect the cell phones, car keys and other personal belongings left behind in wednesday's evacuation. >> i've been away from my laptop, i don't have a blackberry and so i've been out of the loop. >> our number one priority remains our employees' well- being. we have employed a full battery of resources with over a dozen counselors on staff right now. >> reporter: the cribs used to rescue toddlers returned minus the precious cargo. >> we are surrounding them with all of the support and love of our discovery community. it's going to take a while.
5:38 pm
i don't think anyone is expecting the trauma of yesterday to be over any time soon. >> reporter: and lesli, as part of the recovery process, discovery officials are allowing workers to take liberal leave until after the holiday weekend. they are all expected to come back to work on tuesday. reporting live in silver spring, i'm armando trull, back to you. up next, an accident caught on tape. a college football player collides with a truck. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a collision involving a college football player. video has surfaced of an
5:41 pm
accident that injured the university of iowa player. look at that. hawkeye's offensive lineman was on a motorcycle that collided with a truck. this happened in iowa city. truck driver was cited for failure to yield. upon making a left turn. his injuries are not considered serious, that's the good news. we can't complain about another back-up around here. this is a giant traffic jam in china. 75 miles long. cars and trucks stacked up along the beijing/tibet highway. and this is the third day. a similar traffic jamon that same road lasted for nine days last week. that's why we can't complain. remember the shocking video of a toddler smoking in indonesia. it went viral. >> who can forget that. >> tonight we're learning the boy had just gotten out of rehab. >> toddler rehab. well it is thursday and that means it's time for the latest installment of the good, the bad and the ugly. tonight the horse race that
5:42 pm
started a million hus and wife arguments. plus the golden knights drop into a rangers game and make a snag in the landing. and how you can find the best hotel deals even if you wait until the last-minute to make travel plans. see you on the other side.
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it
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almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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want to hit the road this holiday weekend, you'll have plenty of company. triple-a says more of us will head out. and airfares will cost you 9% more than this time last year. car rentals are up 7% and the average hotel stay is up to 6%. but if you waited until the last minute, you want to know there are still some good deals out there and if you know what to ask, you'll save even more. it's no surprise the ritz- carlton gets high marks in a consumer reports survey of 27,000 people. but moderately priced hotels like the wind gate and the hampton inn and suites scored
5:46 pm
good too. >> in most markets there is no reason to pay full price for a hotel room these days. >> reporter: people surveyed said it pays to haggle. 80% who tried got a lower room rate or upgrade. watch todd negotiate big savings at the sheridan society hill hotel in philadelphia. >> you can give me your best available rate. >> reporter: the initial hotel quote was $209 but todd said you need to go further. >> do you have any discounted for triple-a. >> it dropped to $177 and it's refundable. but tight-wad todd didn't stop there. >> and the nonrefundable rate is? >> reporter: now $159. >> do you have any limited time offers? >> the final price $134 with free parking thrown in. but consumer experts say you can often get an even better deal if you book at discount websites like hot wire or priceline. >> the down side is that you don't know the identity of the
5:47 pm
chain you're staying at until after you complete the booking. >> it turns out the sheridan society hill did not go for $134 but $109. >> you could get $100 off just by going online to book it. the survey rated bargain hotel chains but unfortunately most of them didn't do good in the standings. the only one that emerged with a good rate was micro tell inn and suites from 55-$80 a night. and we have an update on the smoking toddler in indonesia. he has just emerged from the rehab process. you remember the disturbing pictures puffing away like a seasoned veteran. he was admitted to a hospital in jakarta and underwent treatment for a month, having to get over nicka teen -- nicotine addiction. officials are keeping a much closer eye on this little boy to make sure he doesn't start
5:48 pm
smoking again. >> i know you talk about the cultural differences, anita, with the whole smoking thing. >> how many children there start. >> but that is still just hard to wrap your brain around. a toddler smoking and going to rehab. >> the people said when they were working at their store in the village and he picked it up playing and it got out of control fast. >> if we made that story up you would think we were crazy. >> you can't make that up. >> that's a true fiction thing. let's start with a satellite picture. still dangerous, but not a category four any more. and winds will probably decrease more as we go through the next 24 hours. clearly defined eye right there. and sometimes it's better defined than others. and high clouds spreading into southeast virginia. and also into parts of delmarva. now by tomorrow morning, at 5:00, the storm is essentially going to be past hatteras as a cot gory 2 -- category 2 moving to the northeast at a good
5:49 pm
clip. it begins to increase in speed as it parallels the coast. by 2:00 tomorrow it's essentially past ocean city parallel. if you draw a line parallel to ocean city, the storm is north of it. and when that happens, mainly the bad stuff is over. the rip currents could still be big and the swells could be big. the winds are over. by saturday this thing has hauled through cape cod, past yarmouth and up toward the north atlantic. and so again a fast-moving storm. hurricane warning, much of the north coast. tropical storm warning for us. but there is also a hurricane watch from rehoboth beach down south to the virginia border. so we have both on the delmarva. temperature right now 94 downtown, 93 in frederick. it's hot today. it's a little bit more humid. the temperatures not quite as high as they were yesterday so it is kind of a wash in terms of how you feel. tonight partly cloudy and mild. 66-74. winds southeasterly at 10. and then for tomorrow, not bad
5:50 pm
at all for us. increasing high clouds but still pleasant. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. and by afternoon, we'll call it partly sunny and not quite as hot. earl departs the beaches high temperatures near 90. next 7 days. 89 tomorrow. i have a shower in. not from earl but from the cold front tomorrow night and then that ushers in a spectacular weekend. breezy on saturday. only 80. 79 on sunday. upper 80s by labor day. it will get hot again briefly, tuesday and wednesday back into the 90 its and more storms possible on thursday. and when it gets hot this time of year, it tends not to last as long. which is kind of nice. brett is back and we have gbu going. >> between hurricanes and hostage situations this week, we needed a good laugh. >> let's lighten it up. >> it's our excellent and no so excellent from the world of sports it is the good, the bad and ugly for september 2nd. we start with the good.
5:51 pm
most ridiculous shot, roger federer, goes back to get the lob here and for a clean winner, practically struck it from the fence. he did the same thing in the semi finals last year. it's like paint on a canvass. luckiest golf sharp. darryn clark, way left, headed for the drink. but watch it. it's going to the rocks and bounces one, two, three, four, five, six times anl back up. you could do that a thousand times and 999 this would wind up in the water. >> mine would. >> me too, topper. >> and the indians jason nicks. we've seen guys go into the camera but that's a swan dive head first on to the concrete. >> he has it. >> and the team is losing 8-1. you have to respect a guy that does that when his team has no chance of winning the game. best race call ever from monmouth park. the two horses my wife doesn't know, and she knows everything.
5:52 pm
my wife knows everything in front. the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything, the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything. more than the wife doesn't know. >> on behalf of -- >> wait, who won? >> my wife knows everything. more than the wife doesn't know by two lengths. and unluckiest reporter, jessica of sky sports in germany trying to do her pregame report when she gets whacked in the melon from a stray -- look at the blond hair just wracked. and she stayed there and didn't explain because that's how we sportscaster role. brazilian soccer star namar making a move with the ball gets spiked in the shorts and ladies in brazil, the answer to the question you've been wondering about all these years -- black.
5:53 pm
most ill advised high school football play from colorado. they botch a snap and then goes the wrong way and throwing the ball randomly in the air and the other team grabs it and then a touchdown. sometimes you just have to cut your losses. >> he got turned around. >> and here is the ugly. the funniest hazing. tennessee titans who made their rookies do the dizzy bat relay. you put your nose on the bat and spin around ten times and it gets you dizzy and then you have to run and you can't run and then they throw ice water on you and put tape around your body because we all know winning a superbowl starts with the dizzy bat race. finally a worse navigation. and i hate to say this, but the u.s. army golden night parachute team jumped into the rangers game and they have the tandem thing but wait a minute. he did get sug on the -- stuck on the flagpole. listen, anybody can land on the
5:54 pm
ground, but doing that takes skill. but he was fine. >> landing on the ground is highly overrated. >> you could fall and land on the ground. up next, kids everywhere are walking, bikes and riding to school, avoiding injuries, staying safe it key. what doctors are seeing in the emergency room. and coming up new at 6:00: i'm jessica doyle in silver spring. a local woman watches the discovery channel episode with her husband trapped in the building. i'll have her story coming up. welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science.
5:55 pm
if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste.
5:56 pm
ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea.
5:57 pm
stocks climb today on wall street. the dow closed up 50 points to close at 10320, the nasdaq jumped 23 points and the s&p 500 climbs 9 points. a young girl if fairfax county died on monday after hit by a car while riding her bike. in tonight's health alert, while accidents can't be prevented, what parents can do to try to keep kids safe this fall. >> kids are heading back to school. some uses bikes, scooters and skateboards as means of transportation. but these wheels can prove dangerous and it only takes an instant. >> they include head injuries, striking a head, sustaining a
5:58 pm
skull fracture, head injuries. >> most injuries can be prevented, especially when proper gear is being used. >> parents need to make sure the kids are riding bike helmets every time they ride a bike and it needs to fit properly. >> it has been proven over and over again to prevent serious head injuries, concussions, broken bones and even bleeding inside of the head. >> reporter: but pediatric emergency physician said when a child is hit by a car it can take the trauma to a whole different level. >> when an automobile is involved in an accident involving a child on a bicycle or a scooter or something like that, then the forces can be a lot greater and there in addition to head injuries and broken bones, we need to worry about injuries to the chest and injuries to the stomach as well and the internal organs. and some of those can be serious and even life- threatening. >> that's why local doctor mom and safety advocate said some kids are simply too young or immature to ride on their own to school. >> kids need to be at least 10
5:59 pm
and i want to stress the at least. i know i have a 10-year-old and he's not ready to be riding on the road without close adult supervision. >> and so a couple of more points from the doctor. one of the best ways to get the kids to wear the helmet is to lead by example and wear one yourself. so when it comes to skateboards, another thing that the doctor said. skateboards, scooters, they are actually not safe to ride in traffic areas at all. should only be in recreational areas to keep kids safe. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. weak but not out. hurricane earl is a category three storm but that is still major. packing winds near 115 miles per hour. it will effect the entire east coast in some way. right now local fema teams from montgomery county are on the

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